November 22, 2012

Retired Anti-Virus Mogul John McAfee Accused of Murder

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We’ve written on just about everything related to anti-virus programs, from the latest releases of the top anti-virus companies to teaching you the very basics such as setting up an anti-virus program on your computer. With that, why not write about what’s making the headlines today – anti-virus mogul John McAfee.

Even if you don’t know John McAfee, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the name because the McAfee software company which we all know about was actually named after him as founder. These days though, he has little to do with the company having sold his stake in the company in the 1990s. Instead, he has been making headlines for being a suspect in a murder case in Belize, where he moved about 3 years ago.

Mr McAfee claims innocence and tells his side in his blog, The Hinterland. He’s still on the lam although he says he really isn’t in hiding.

Feel like following his story? Just read the news of his blog. It surely beats reading about anti-virus all the time, after all what can be a more interesting career change than going from retired mogul to murder suspect?

Image via McAfee Website

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