January 14, 2013

“Red October” Virus Identified by Kaspersky

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hunt for red octoberGovernment agencies and national research institutes around the world are quite unhappy with the news that Kaspersky Lab has released, saying that they have identified a new computer virus primarily targeting Eastern European countries. The computer virus, called “Red October” is not one to be dismissed as your ordinary virus concerned with the usual beauty tricks that ail common folk’s computers, but is dangerous since it looks like its goal is to collect classified files with the use of NATO and EU encryption.

While the virus mostly gathers information from Eastern Europe, it has been detected in computers AND smartphones all over the world. It is also not one that can be easily removed with an anti-virus setup since it has “resurrection module” that will reinstall the virus once you clean it out. Of course, you don’t have to worry about any classified files on your computer getting downloaded – at least not unless you are a secret spy.

Image via StandUpAmerica

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