June 23, 2013

Malware Posing as Anti-virus Software for Android Devices Discovered

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android fakedefenderAndroid phone users would be unhappy to know that a new malware that locks up Android devices is on the loose.

The app, called Android.Fakedefender by Symantec, poses as an anti-virus software then “intentionally misrepresents the security status of a computer and attempts to convince the user to purchase a full version of the software in order to remediate non-existing infections.”

For now, the malware is not that widespread. However, with a ransom app for smartphones now a reality, it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a bigger problem. Perhaps, in the future, malware on phones may be as big an issue as it is on personal computers.

This will mean that consumers will need to choose phones not only based on cosmetics or aesthetics, but will have to be more aware about security features and software that come with the phones they like. And yes, the spread of virus in other technologies (e.g tablets) is very possible indeed.

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May 21, 2013

Microsoft Security Essentials

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Microsoft security essentialsWindows users will be happy to know that Microsoft has a great anti-virus software that they can download for FREE. Microsoft Security Essentials is targeted for the use of individuals and small businesses and can be used by anyone with Windows 7, Vista, or XP installed on their PC.

Microsoft boasts that this security software is “simple to install and easy to use” and that “it runs quietly and efficiently in the background so you don’t have to worry about interruptions or making updates”, and indeed it does. After trying it out on my HP Pavilion that has Windows 7 installed, I didn’t bother reinstalling my previous anti-virus software. Really, I liked it that much since it wasn’t intrusive at all. It was like choosing between a greasy lotion and a good skincare cream.

Note though that if you are running a business, the Microsoft Security Essentials is only suitable for businesses with up to 10 PCs. If you have more than that in your business, you will need to get their enterprise version for your anti-virus software protection.

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May 1, 2013

Dealing with Viruses

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There are three important steps on how one can deal with viruses in computers. The first thing to do is back up all files. It is now always easy to say how infected a virus is and how fast it will scatter, this is why it is important for the user to back up important files incase these viruses are not solved in time. Next step is to identify the type of virus present. This can be done by running a scan among all files or better yet, a computer scan with the use of an antivirus program. This is to initially now the appropriate solution that will surely remove the virus. The last step is to treat these viruses. This is done through the usage of a virus scanning system. All unnecessary, illegal, and infected programs and files can be removed by it. Those three steps are believed to be effective but nonetheless, it is really still up to the user on how he or she maintains the functionality and quality of his or her computer and this will all depend on one’s usage.

April 26, 2013

The spread of virus in technologies

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The spread of viruses are simply results of man’s selfish actions. How can one say this? People are indeed the ones responsible from removing these viruses but they are as well the ones responsible for its occurrence. The want of users to make downloading of files, movies, and programs easy lead to unauthorized and illegal sites which then leads to viruses. There are in fact other things that lead to viruses and this is improper maintenance but this as well is a product of man’s actions. The spread of virus will continue indefinitely until its users don’t see that importance of valuing usage limitations. It will indeed be up to the people to remove these viruses but what if these are too much to handle anymore? Users are both responsible for the maintenance of technologies which involve the avoidance and removal of reoccurring viruses. Every usage has its corresponding consequence and virus appears to be the greatest consequence. Users should know their limitations to avoid such problems.

Effects of computer viruses

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Viruses in computers affect many aspects from the simplest which are its files, to its quality, and to the worst which is functionality. Taking one at a time, files are indeed affected in varying ways by these easily spreading viruses. These files may be deleted and corrupted since the drives where these may possibly be placed are affected by the virus present as well. Nowadays, there are many anti-virus programs that are being made but when one simply neglects this, it is never easy to recover files corrupted and deleted. Actually, recovering is rarely possible. Another aspect that suffers is the computer’s quality. No one would actually buy a computer knowing that it had numerous viruses. Definitely, its value at the very instant that a virus is detected will reduce. Lastly, functionality is greatly affected especially when these viruses are taken for granted. These could actually break some parts of the computer and even leading it from not working as a whole.

Sources of virus

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Illegal download, unauthorized sites, and even corrupted files are just some of the sources of virus in computers and in almost every form of technology. These sources are products of human errors and actions. How can we say this? These viruses don’t just instantly arise when one for instance, turns on his computer. These, rather, are occurring mainly because of one’s unawareness on things that actually can lead to problems of such. An example is a person wanting to download movies online, those that are not even shown in cinemas. This action is considered to be illegal and unauthorized but still, numerous sites that allow this are continuously being made. Consumers, of course, would rather get something that is free but illegal rather than getting the opposite. These consumers, though, don’t always think that not all sources of movies are safe. Some are actually illegally made as well and downloads made from these sites could result to viruses that can even affect the functionality of the technology used.

April 23, 2013

Why Having More than One Antivirus Install is a Bad Idea

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two fingersThey say that two heads are better than one. When it comes to anti-virus software installed on your computer though, this is definitely not true with PC World’s Lincoln Spector explains why “one antivirus program is better than two”.

According to Spector, running two antivirus programs won’t beef up your computer’s security but instead have the unpleasant effect of slowing down your system as two programs will obviously use up more resources than one. Worse, they can end up executing commands that are in conflict, creating problems that can be easily avoided by simply having one antivirus software on your PC. It’s just like facial moisturizers where you don’t put one on top of the other because one is enough and two, no matter how excellent the products are individually, might have chemical reactions that will cause you to break out.

So if you do have more than one antivirus software running on your computer, choose the right antivirus for you and uninstall the other ones.

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March 25, 2013

Anti-virus Guide for Dummies

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dummyChoosing the right anti-virus for you does not have to be such a big deal. In fact, we have given you a short list of features that are really the only things you need to know to get one that works well enough to provide you with the protection your computer needs. However, if you are technically challenged and half-afraid of your computer, even that list might be daunting. In that case, my advice is to ditch the idea of forcing yourself to learn more about the different anti-virus software and just go with the flow.

When doing research, do not look for nitty gritty details, instead just jump on the bandwagon and pick an anti-virus that looks good and well made up to you from a list already selected by reputable computer review sites. Stick with big name anti-virus software so that you can’t go wrong then base your decision solely on user-friendliness. It might not be the best anti-virus in town, but what’s importance is that it is understandable to the user – YOU.

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February 9, 2013

How To Choose The Right Anti Virus For You

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With the advent of the internet, we can now easily connect our PC to anything we want to and access anything we want too. But do you know that, once your PC is connected to internet, there are possible harm and threats that can damage it and compromise your privacy. Yes! And these include viruses, spyware, hackers and so on. Thus, it is very important that we install antivirus software to guard our PC. But how do we choose which antivirus software to use?

To help you with, here is the list of main features that you should look for in antivirus software.

1. Efficiency
Learn how efficient and effective the software you are considering to use. Read reviews and learn what types of threat and viruses it can protect you from.
2. User Friendly
Choose software that is easy to use and manipulate. Choose one that has a friendly interface and whether if it comes with a manual or user guide.
3. Available for regular update
The latest antivirus software can perform regular update automatically; check if it comes in the package.
4. Technical Support
This is important if in case you got into trouble. Know whether they provide a live chat service, a call center, etc. Their technical support should also be global. You dont need to learn Thai or English or any other language just to communicate with them. They should be the one who needs to adopt to your language.

My choice of anti virus are Eset Nod and Avast. I had been using both (but on different computer. Dont use 2 anti virus in one computer) and never had any problems at all. Kaspersky is also a reliable one, but it is to reliable, that even those that are not harmful to your computer (but looks sketchy) it will delete.

January 14, 2013

“Red October” Virus Identified by Kaspersky

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hunt for red octoberGovernment agencies and national research institutes around the world are quite unhappy with the news that Kaspersky Lab has released, saying that they have identified a new computer virus primarily targeting Eastern European countries. The computer virus, called “Red October” is not one to be dismissed as your ordinary virus concerned with the usual beauty tricks that ail common folk’s computers, but is dangerous since it looks like its goal is to collect classified files with the use of NATO and EU encryption.

While the virus mostly gathers information from Eastern Europe, it has been detected in computers AND smartphones all over the world. It is also not one that can be easily removed with an anti-virus setup since it has “resurrection module” that will reinstall the virus once you clean it out. Of course, you don’t have to worry about any classified files on your computer getting downloaded – at least not unless you are a secret spy.

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